How it works



One of our trained staff will contact you within an hour of your application.


One of our expert buyers will visit you when and where it is convenient for you.


You will be asked about the vehicle’s history an previous ownership. We will go through all the relevant paperwork with you.


We will test drive the vehicle and do a thorough inspection of the exterior and the interior. This only takes about 15 minutes.


We sit down with you, explain how we value your car and make an offer..


When you are happy with our offer, we will buy your vehicle with immediate payment.
If the vehicle is still under finance we will settle the outstanding amount and pay you the balance


We arrange the sale to suit your personal requirements and timeframe, we handle all the paperwork and collect the vehicle when and where it suits you.

HINTS: How we make the process smoother.

- We buy vehicles throughout the entire South Africa!

- We buy ANY type of vehicle that is accident free and not older than 5 years old and with a mileage of less than 120000kms. Certain exotic older models may be considered as well as bakkies.

- We only purchase vehicles in a working condition.

- You are not required to do a roadworthy test on your vehicle.

- To purchase your vehicle, we require a copy of your ID, proof of address (not older than three months), a copy of your NATIS (vehicle registration papers) and an updated settlement letter (if the vehicle is still on finance).

- We do all the paperwork for you.

- We purchase your vehicle with immediate payment.

Everything else you might need to know.

Do I pay a fee to use

If I accept an offer on my used car, how will the payment, paperwork & car transfer be handled?

- If your car is not (or no longer) financed, the buyer will pay the offer in full via EFT & collect the car with a proof of payment in hand.
If there's a settlement on your car which is lower than the purchase price, the buyer will pay the settlement in full to the relevant financial institution, pay the balance via EFT to the seller & collect the car with a proof of payment in hand.
This will be done via an immediate payment.

Do you need my car's VIN number for identification?

Only in some cases may your vehicle identification number be requested. Here's why: - Most manufacturers (especially BMW) log a car's services, repairs & vehicle extras using a VIN number, which means potential buyers may find added comfort in this knowledge & be more likely to increase their offers - As part of the security regulations set in place to protect our pre-approved buyers, we do random checks* on uploads to ensure, for example, that no stolen cars are sold on Buy your cars. *Security checks are conducted with TransUnion, a vehicle verification service with databases updated daily in conjunction with the South African Police Service (SAPS) & the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA). This is common practice in to motor vehicle industry.

What is the estimated value Buy your cars places on pre-owned cars?

The value we send you is only an estimate & is based on the specific make, model & year alone. Keep in mind that no two used cars are the same! This means that two of the exact same cars may have different prices, 'cause factors such as mileage, tyre condition, accident damage & respraying are taken into account.

What is the estimated value Buy your cars places on pre-owned cars?

The value we send you is only an estimate & is based on the specific make, model & year alone. Keep in mind that no two used cars are the same! This means that two of the exact same cars may have different prices, 'cause factors such as mileage, tyre condition, accident damage & respraying are taken into account.

How do I sell my car through BuyYourCars?

The BuyYourCars process is quick and easy! The first step in selling your car is to complete the easy online application. Upon successful completion of the online form, the application is handled by our trained staff, who draft an estimate offer for your vehicle based on the information you have provided. As soon as the estimate offer has been created, a manager will approve or change it and send the final response on to you. This is simply to ensure that we send you a correct estimate that has passed quality control.

How does BuyYourCars decide on an offer for my vehicle?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we usually offer our clients the best prices. That’s why more than 45% of our deals are repeat business or referrals and why we buy 500 vehicles per month. Many factors are taken into account when determining the value of a vehicle. These factors include supply and demand, current specials, mileage, vehicle condition as well as any extras the vehicle might offer.

What happens after I accept the offer from BuyYourCars?

If you are happy with our estimated offer, your information will be sent to a BuyYourCars Buyer in your area, who will then give you a call. On the first call, our Buyer will confirm the vehicle details to ensure accurate pricing. Secondly, they will confirm the condition of the vehicle, with a few quick questions regarding:
1. The ownership period and whether the vehicle is paid in full or still on finance.
2. The service history and availability of spare keys.
3. Previous accident damages or repairs done to the vehicle.
4. Availability of the vehicle.
The Buyer will then make an appointment to visit you and inspect your vehicle – wherever and whenever it best suits you.

What happens during an appointment with a BuyYourCars Buyer?

During an appointment, you can expect our Buyer to do a quick evaluation of the vehicle. Here they will:
1. Take a few pictures of the vehicle and send it directly to our Head Office.
2. Do an exterior inspection of the vehicle to assess whether any previous accident damage or repairs were done.
3. Do an evaluation of the engine and check a few components such as the oil and water.
4. Take the vehicle for a test drive.
Once the Buyer has completed the evaluation, they will contact the BuyYourCars Pricing Team, who will then issue a final offer for you.

Is it possible for the final offer to differ from the original estimated offer?

The offer usually falls within the original price estimation range. There are instances when the offer may be higher or lower due to relevant factors.

Will BuyYourCars definitely purchase my vehicle at an appointment?

We aim to purchase every vehicle and each transaction is unique. The outcome of each transaction will depend on the condition of the vehicle and the Seller’s expectations. Here are a couple of examples of reasons why we would not purchase your vehicle:
1. The settlement on the vehicle is very high and the client is unable to provide the shortfall.
2. The vehicle’s paperwork is not in order.
3. The client is not ready to sell.
If an agreement is reached and our final offer is accepted, we will buy your vehicle. There and then, with immediate payment!
*Please note: The vehicle must be in your name, with no outstanding license fees for us to conclude the deal.

What does BuyYourCars require from me at an appointment with a Buyer?

We do everything for our clients, even finalize all the paperwork! You need to assist us with only providing:
1. A copy of your ID.
2. Proof of address (not older than 3 months).
3. A copy of your NATIS (Vehicle Registration Papers).
An up-to-date settlement letter (if the vehicle is still on finance).

What happens after BuyYourCars purchases my vehicle?

When we purchase your vehicle, the vehicle is immediately registered in Buy Your Cars’ name. If you wish to receive proof that the vehicle has been taken off your name, you are welcome to request it from the buying representative, who will communicate your request to our Admin Department. It is important to note, however, that vehicle ownership cannot be transferred or registered in our name if there are any outstanding license fees.

How soon do I receive payment?

You will receive payment immediately, unless you still need your car for a period. In this case, we will arrange the deal to suit your needs.

How long does it take after completing the online application form to hear from you?

After completing the online application you will hear from us within 1 - 2 hours

Do I need to do a roadworthy test on my vehicle?

No, you don’t have to spend any more money on your vehicle once you have decided to accept our offer. We buy it from you in its current condition.

Where do you buy vehicles?

We buy cars nationwide